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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Monster Hunter World: Decoration Categories and Drop Rates

Finally! Gaijin Hunter provided a video for the decoration tables on the drop rates and categories of decorations/jewels from tempered monsters. The video can be found here. Thank you Gaijin Hunter for making our hunting life much easier! All credits to Gaijin Hunter for the translating and gathering the data from the official guide and making the video for us. I decided to create simple tables to summarize the information for everyone's convenience. I travel 6 hours a day so I can only get to read via mobile, this is for personal use as well (I spend a lot of time daydreaming or thinking about my character builds lol).

By the way, you may want to check the main Monster Hunter World guide I am trying to complete here if you have time. 

Author's Note: After the Kulve Taroth update (MHW ver 3.0 onwards), the drop rates changed as T1 can now also drop warped feystones, T2 can now drop hero streamstones and T3 will drop streamstones more often. I don't have formal information on the new rates but I will be updating this or creating a new write-up for it asap. This was to compensate for nerfing flashpods in the update. Bottom line is, hunt T3 for streamstone farming and T1 or T2 still for specific jewels. Table #3 is still usable as reference.

Feystone Appraisal (Table#1)
Monster Hunter World Feystone/Jewel Appraisal Values Rates
Monster Hunter World Feystone Appraisal Values (Table #1)

The jewels you get will depend on the type of feystone appraised. Each feystone type has a specific percentage chance of yielding a jewel under a certain category. In the table above, a Mysterious Feystone has an 85% chance of yielding a Category C jewel and 15% for Category B. It will have no chance of yielding a Category A or S jewel. The Elder Melder can produce only up to a Worn Feystone and has a 6% and 2% chance of yielding a Category A and Category S jewel respectively. So if you are looking for  jewels under those categories it would be better to hunt for Warped Feystones than waste your jewels in the melding process. Analyze the table above and refer to the last table below to know under which category your desired jewel is. Category C to S is Rarity 6 to 8 respectively.

Decorations Drop Rates (Table#2)
Monster Hunter World Decorations Drop Rates per Tempered Threat Level
Monster Hunter World Decorations Drop Rates per Tempered Threat Level (Table#2)

Now, as for the drop rates of these feystones, threat level 1 monsters will have a 0% chance to drop Warped Feystones. The threat level 2 monsters will have a higher chance of dropping a Warped Feystone than Threat level 3 monsters which are the Elder Dragons. The advantage of hunting Elder Dragons though is that they have a higher chance of dropping Streamstones for augmentation. Despite this drop rate, proceed to Table#4 for the math on true % chance to get a jewel under certain categories.

Tempered Monsters Threat Level (Table#2.1)
Monster Hunter World Tempered Threat Level Monsters
Monster Hunter World Tempered Threat Level (Table #2.1)
Exceptions (no tempered version) - Great Jagras, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, Great Girros, Dodogama, Zorah Magdaros, Xeno'Jiiva

Decoration Categories (Table#3)
Monster Hunter World Jewel Decoration Table List
Monster Hunter World Decoration Category List (Table #3)

The table above shows under which category your desired jewel is (click to enlarge). So knowing the following data, refer to the first and second table on which Feystone to target and which tempered monster will have the highest chance to drop that specific Feystone.

How To Use the Tables:
1. Choose your target jewel on Table#3 and take not of the Category or Rarity.
2. Look at Table#4 for and take note of the Tempered Threat Level with the highest chance to yield a jewel under your desired category from step 1.
3. Hunt tempered monsters under that threat level from Table#2.1 and pray for the RNG to be generous to you.

Target Jewel is Attack. Table#3 shows Attack is under Category A.
Table#4 shows that Threat level 2 monsters has a 7.14% chance to get a Category A monster. This is because you need to factor in all the other Feystones that you can also receive and the chance to get a certain category. So the true % chance considering all these, specifically for an Attack jewel, based from the table below will be the 7.14% divided by 22 = 0.32% chance. Wow, that's too sad but don't give up fellas. Also, if you are going to base this on a specific feystone, say for example you got all Warped Feystones, each Warped Feystone will have an 18% chance to get a Category A jewel based from Table#1, dividing it by 22 which is the number of jewels in that category and you have 0.82% chance to get that one specific jewel from that group that you are hunting for.

Combined Percentages to Obtain Jewels per Tempered Threat Levels (Table#4)
Monster Hunter World Chance to Obtain Jewels per Tempered Threat Levels/ Drop Rates
Monster Hunter World Chance to Obtain Jewels per Tempered Threat Levels (Table#4)
Still there? All the math is making my head hurt. After a good talk with fellow reddit users, the 26% on the Warped Feystone is indeed misleading. I must admit we all got caught up on this and overreacted a bit. So I do apologize if I got you all even more excited. Tempered threat level 2 monsters will indeed have a higher chance to get Category A jewels. However the percentage chance is only slightly higher 7.14% > 6.66%. For me though, this is still significant and since this percentage is based per reward slot, here's the thing: if your tempered level 2 investigation has 4 reward slots versus a tempered level 3 investigation with 2-3 slots, it would make sense to go for the tempered level 2. There is another computation in which the chances are almost equal by Draycos on my reddit post here. Honestly, at this point I still stand with Threat Level 2 if I want that Category A jewel. In the end it will all come down to RNG and luck. There are still no guarantees but It is really hard to get exactly what you want so any increase in % to get that specific jewel, I think I'll gladly take it. I'd initially take the Feystone with the highest chance to yield my target jewel and worry about the other %'s later. Plus, threat level 2 monsters can be captured which can save you time compared to threat level 3 monsters which could also be more tedious and harder to take down. If I get a streamstone in the process then I'll thank the Sapphire Star for it. I'll save up the threat level 3 quests unless I find the need to go for streamstones. However, if you don't mind whatever jewel you get and want to leave it all to luck, then threat level 3 quests are the way to go as you have a higher chance of getting streamstones and still get the benefits of getting feystones in the process, thus having the most out of the hunting time you committed. As some people said and come to think of it, we are probably going to get burned out hunting threat level 3 all the time. It goes with what you prefer so there is still no right or wrong way of hunting just to make things clear.

Man, this is very useful and utterly frustrating at the same time. Ha ha. I want jewels such as Critical Boost and Attack Jewels only to find them on the highest categories. But at least now we all know what to do to have the highest chance of gaining the jewel we want. What is the rarest jewel you've obtained so far? Let's pray that the RNG will be nice to us. Hope this summary was helpful. Jewel-hunting we go! May the Sapphire Star light our way! 

Author's Notes:
Some are suggesting a text format instead of images for the tables. I will work on that soon but blogger doesn't have a built-in table for easy formatting. I will have to do it manually using html which I do not have the luxury of time just yet. Anyway, fellow hunters have made spreadsheets for your convenience. I really screwed up the initial final %'s so I do apologize for that, the above percentages are more accurate.

For any corrections or if I ever had something wrong, please inform me by sending me an email or commenting below. Thank you!

Links to spreadsheets:
Muskrat01's Version
MobiusOne's Version
Lorgin's Version 
Andrew's Version 

Special Thanks to the Following Fellow Reddit Users: 
My friend Hecaitomixhs for computation corrections, thanks bro!
Muskrat01, MobiusOne, Lorgin for the spreadsheets
Draycos , Meltrix , Drazpa, and epyonmx for the percentage computations and talks.
And everyone else who were willing to help out...

I am glad we are able to work together to provide accurate data. It makes me very happy and proud to be a part of the Monster Hunter World community. Thanks guys.

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March 1, 2018: Published
March 1, 2018 (after a few hours lol): Minor revisions, added usage scenario and thoughts on this, thank you guys for the feedback and inputs.
March 2, 2018: Added Table 2.1 and Table 4, Corrected computations and How-to-use, Added spreadsheets from fellow reddit users, Added Conclusion
March 14, 2018: Modified Table 3 image to display better naming and sort alphabetically.


  1. Thanks so mmuch fo formatting this

    1. You're welcome, will make improvements and include links to spreadsheets our fellow hunters made for ease of use.

  2. Printing this out and stapling it to my monitor

    1. It will be a constant reminder of how difficult it is to obtain the specific jewel we want haha. Well, at least we now know where to get it even with the slightest chance in %'s.

  3. Thank you! Still have to thank Gaijin Hunter for translating the data for us, only meant to make it in this format for the convenience of readers.

  4. Tried my had at making a spreadsheet with the math of how likely you are to get each Deco drop

    1. Will add this to the list to for other hunter's convenience and preferences. Thanks!

  5. I was under the impression Tempered tiers were by HR, and not by monster. I have some elders who are HR30 which would make them a T2 based on what I know, but a T3 based on your table.

    1. Hi Jed, the HR here represents the HR level required for that investigation and not the monster itself, threat levels are based on the monster itself which is a fixed list.

    2. I was referring to the HR for the investigation as well. So all of my HR30 tempered elder investigations will have rewards from the T3 table?

      What happens in the event that an investigation has two monsters, one from the T1 list and 1 from the T2 list (these seem to always be at least HR30, or at least I haven't seen one that was lower).

    3. I stand corrected, I thought I had a tempered elder that was 30, turns out it is 50. So your list lines up.

    4. Hey again, glad you were able to see and find the answer for that one. However for the second question, I am not quite sure yet but it seems the highest threat level in that quest takes priority. For example a Tempered Rathalos and a normal Rathalos, from personal experience I still get more worn and glowing feystones. If the threat level 1 drop rate should kick in I am assuming I would have mysterious feystones in the mix. But then again this might be RNG-related. I have no concrete proof but for now this is what I believe.

  6. Your post is excellent. I have been looking for this stuff for many days. I appreciate your work. I have bookmarked your website. Thanks.

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  7. This is partially wrong. You can still get Hero Streamstones from tier 2 tempered monsters. I got one from Odogaron.

    1. As noted, these changed with the arrival of Ver 3.0

      Author's Note: After the Kulve Taroth update (MHW ver 3.0 onwards), the drop rates changed as T1 can now also drop warped feystones, T2 can now drop hero streamstones and T3 will drop streamstones more often. I don't have formal information on the new rates but I will be updating this or creating a new write-up for it asap. This was to compensate for nerfing flashpods in the update. Bottom line is, hunt T3 for streamstone farming and T1 or T2 still for specific jewels. Table #3 is still usable as reference.

  8. This is still a very valuable page, thanks for the work and time you put into this. As a side note, one of the very first decorations I acquired in the entire game was an Attack 1 gem, and I was happy for it, but not until MUCH later did I realize how valuable and rare it is... and how darn LUCKY I was for getting it so early that I could benefit greatly! Ha!

  9. Hi there dear hunter did this thing instruction still work on now 2020 mhw iceborne ?