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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Monster Hunter World: Spring Blossom Events & List of Bounties (April 6-19, 2018)

Table of Contents

1.0...Important Notes and Features
2.0...New Events: 
   2.1...Every Hunter's Dream - Great Sword Wyvern Ignition Quest
   2.2...A Rush of Blood - Megaman Palico Set (Available April 13-27, 2018)
3.0...Equipment Events (Returning Quests): 
   3.1...Scrapping with the Shamos - Sealed Eyepatch Headgear Quest
   3.2...A Flash in the Pan - Shadow Shades Headgear Quest
   3.3...Wiggle Me This - Wiggler Headgear Quest
   3.4...Egg Lovers United - Kulu-Ya-Ku Headgear Quest
   3.5...Lessons of the Wild - Horizon Zero Dawn Palico Watcher Set
   3.6...The Proving - Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Set
4.0...Useful Items (Returning Quests):
   4.1...Greeting the Gluttons - quest for meal vouchers
   4.2...Wicked Wildspire Warfare - quest for armor spheres
   4.3...Rollin' With the Uragaan - quest for armor spheres
   4.4...Triple Threat Throwdown - quest for low-rarity decorations
   4.5...Relish The Moment  - Tempered Deviljho quest, may drop some streamstones

5.0...Monster Crown Events (high chance to get gold miniature or giant crowns):
   5.1...Deep Green Blues
   5.2...Wildspire Bolero
   5.3...Coral Waltz
   5.4...Effluvial Opera
   5.5...Rock N' Roll Recess

6.0...Hunter Rank Exp Event
   6.1...Snow and Cherry Blossoms - high hunter rank exp reward quest
7.0...Monster Track Events
   7.1...A Simple Task - quest for Tempered threat level 1 & 2 monster tracks
   7.2...Tracking the Delivery -  quest for Tempered threat level 3 monster tracks
8.0...Normal Low Rank Event Quests
   8.1...Up at the Crack of Dawn
   8.2...Chew the Fat
   8.3...Ya Ku With That?
   8.4...Flesh Cleaved to the Bone
   8.5...Kirin the Myth
   8.6...The Poison Posse

9.0...Limited Bounties (Daily Refresh)
10.0...Challenge Quests
   10.1...Down the Dark, Muddy Path - Ryu Armor Quest
   10.2...Vespoid Infestation - Queen Beetle Armor Quest
   10.3...Challenge Quest 2: Intermediate

   10.4-10.6...Slay Nergigante Event 1-3
12.0...Other Guides

Quests will be available from:
April 6 00:00 UTC - April 19 23:59 UTC
PST: -8 hrs (Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle, etc.)
EST: -5 hrs (New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta, etc.)
CET: +1 hr (France, Italy, Germany, Spain, etc.)
CST: +8 hrs (Beijing, Hongkong, Taiwan, Philippines, etc.)

Spring Blossom Event Quests


[1.0] Important Notes and Features

The following are Event quests in line with the Spring Blossom Update. Some are listed under the Challenge Quests section. Most of these are returning quests and some new ones added. Let's group them into categories on what the events do or what rewards can be obtained for those quests. I recommend starting off with the equipment and challenge events especially the ones for the Great Sword, headgears, Aloy armor, and Ryu Armor as we do not know if these will return in the future if you miss out on them. After that you may proceed with whatever you need such as gathering tracks, farming gold crowns, increasing hunter rank or getting useful items, whichever you need. So many stuff to do for the next two weeks!

For those who do not have access to these yet, try saving and quitting the game to the title screen then logging in again. No patch was needed to activate the quests as it seems this was already added on the 2.01 patch. You might just need to refresh the game  if you were currently logged in when the events went live, it happens a lot. Or more importantly, go to the gathering hub first to trigger the Spring Blossom event cutscene and then go back to the resource center and poogie. The Ryu and Vespoid Infestation quests are in the gathering hub Arena Lass NPC whom you talk to for Arena and Challenge quests.

Apart from the event quests, some new features have been added: 
  • The Gathering Hub has been designed elegantly and the crew and handler have new outfits. 
  • A special meal in the canteen: Spring Blossom Platter will be available within the event's time frame. 
  • We will also be receiving two Lucky Vouchers daily instead of one. 
  • New armor for us hunters and our Palicos: Queen Beetle and Blossom (Uses Spring Blossom Tickets from Daily Login and Bounties in Resource Center - resets daily in the span of the event)
  • We will be given a new Poogie Clothing: Busy Bee (permanent, automatically received on first time login with the events live)
  • New Hairstyles available for free download on PS Store: Handler and Admiral hairstyle, if having trouble seeing this, press the options button in-game and select Playstation Store option to see a list of DLC's available
  • Facilities will have discounts or sales marked by gold medals
  • New Paid DLC gestures and stickers available on PS Store
  • For those who are asking, No Devil May Cry DLC yet, it will come at April 27, 2018 along with the Chun Li handler costume.

Gathering Hub Spring Blossom Festival Theme

Spring Blossom Platter
Busy Bee Poogie Clothing (Free and permanent, automatically received when you login)


Handler Busy Bee Dress (Temporary only during this entire event but listed as paid DLC so we might actually keep it)


Handler Hair (Download for free on PS Store as well as the Admiral Hair to make you look like a Saiyan. Ha ha. Sorry didn't have time for screenshots for that one.)


Blossom Armor Alpha


Butterfly Palico Set


[2.0] New Events: Great Sword Wyvern Ignition and Megaman Palico Set

2.1...Every Hunter's Dream (5*)
What-to-do: Hunt Rathalos and Paolumu
Hunter Rank Requirements: 8 or higher
Map: Arena
Rewards: Master Craftsman's Blueprint for crafting Wyvern Ignition Great Sword. Need 5 to complete to last upgrade. This quest should be one of your priorities. It is a great weapon so might as well craft it even if you are not a Great Sword main, in fact it might make you think about using it. How cool can a rocket-powered huge-ass sword be?

2.2...A Rush of Blood (7*) - available from April 13-27, 2018
Hunter Rank Requirements: 13 or higher
Map: Arena
Rewards: Guaranteed Gold crown for small and large Odogaron, Mega man Ticket for crafting Megaman Palico Weapon and Armor. You need 2 for the weapon and 3 for the Armor. Quest also looks like a good source or Nourishing Extract, had a bunch of which on each run.

Author's Notes: 
-Initially listed this as PS4 exclusive, this will be available for both platforms sorry for the wrong info.
-Only the small Odogaron gold crown is guaranteed as per other player's input. Sorry I am unable to verify since I already have the giant gold crown before hand.
Thank you for the corrections!

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[3.0] Equipment Events: Sealed Eyepatch, Shadow Shades, Wiggler Head, Kulu-Ya-Ku Head, Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Set and Palico Watcher Set

3.1...Scrapping with the Shamos (6*)
What-to-do: Slay 13 Shamos
Hunter Rank Requirements: 11 or higher
Map: Coral Highlands
Rewards: Black Bandages for crafting Sealed Eyepatch. Meh.

3.2...A Flash in the Pan (6*)
What-to-do: Slay 3 Tzitzi-Ya-Ku
Hunter Rank Requirements: 11 or higher
Map: Special Arena
Rewards: Black Crystal Tickets for crafting Shadow Shades. Meh? Might be a bit useful in defensive builds.

3.3...Wiggle Me This (6*)
What-to-do: Capture 10 Wigglers
Hunter Rank Requirements:11 or higher
Map: Coral Highlands
Rewards: Wiggler Tickets for crafting Wiggler Head
Near the Southern Camp you can go back and forth between 2 areas with a good amount of Wigglers. Simply sneak in slowly and use the Capture Net. Useful in some support builds.

3.4...Egg Lovers United (6*)
What-to-do: Slay Giant Kulu-Ya-Ku
Hunter Rank Requirements: 11 or higher
Map: Arena
Rewards: Guaranteed giant gold crown Kulu-Ya-Ku, Kulu-Ya-Ku Tickets for Kulu-Ya-Ku headgear , trade-in eggs, Kulu-Ya-Ku materials and a couple of jewels usually low rarity. Can be used for zeny farming with the quantity of trade-in eggs received. This headgear is useful for Zorah Quest or when carrying the poogie around, see this video.

3.5...Lessons of the Wild (5*) - PS4 Exclusive
What-to-do: Slay 8 Barnos
Hunter Rank Requirements: 6 or higher
Map: Arena
Rewards: Watcher Lens for crafting Palico Watcher weapon and armor

3.6...The Proving (6*) - PS4 Exclusive
What-to-do: Hunt Anjanath
Hunter Rank Requirements: 11 or higher
Map: Ancient Forest
Rewards: Nova Brave Trophy for crafting Aloy Bow and Armor
Depending on luck may need to run the quest about 9 times assuming one Trophy each run to craft whole Bow and Armor set. Looking like an Anja set alternative. Bow might be useful though.

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[4.0] Useful Item Events: Meal Vouchers, Armor Spheres, Decorations and Streamstones

4.1...Greeting the Gluttons (4*)
What-to-do: Hunt Great Jagras, Paolumu, Pukei-Pukei
Hunter Rank Requirements: 6 or higher
Map: Special Arena
Rewards: Lots of meal vouchers!
4.2...Wicked Wildspire Warfare (5*)
What-to-do: Hunt Diablos and 2 Barroths
Hunter Rank Requirements: 8 or higher
Map: Special Arena
Rewards: Good amount of Armor Spheres

4.3...Rollin' With the Uragaan (7*)
What-to-do: Hunt 2 Uragaan
Hunter Rank Requirements: 13 or higher
Map: Elder's Recess
Rewards: More Armor Sphere drops!

4.4...Triple Threat Throwdown (6*)
What-to-do: Hunt Great Jagras, Great Girros, Dodogama
Hunter Rank Requirements: 13 or higher
Map: Special Arena
Rewards: May get mostly low rarity jewels, you can use most of these for the elder melder. You can also use the Bandit Mantle while beating the crap out of the monsters easily gaining trade-in items to sell for a good amount of zeny. 

4.5...Relish the Moment (9*)
What-to-do: Hunt Tempered Deviljho
Hunter Rank Requirements: 50 or higher
Map: Elder's Recess (as of April 13, changed to Elder's Recess from Ancient Forest)
Rewards: High chance to obtain Streamstones, yahoo guess who's back! Honestly either I have bad luck or so but I don't get any or not that many streamstones. I think not worth the time except if you're up for a challenge. The time you spend trying to farm for streamstones from him might be equivalent to the time it takes for 3 or more tempered Elders. I don't mean to sound discouraging but this pickle is not for everyone. It will come down to your efficiency on taking down specific monsters. i can usually do a tempered elder in 4-10 minutes solo with good success rate but it takes me 20-30 minutes to take down tempered Deviljho with a high risk of failing (plus stress factors haha). Try it and see what works for you.

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[5.0] Monster Crown Events: High Chance to Obtain Gold Miniature and Giant Crowns for Monsters on Each Map

5.1...Deep Green Blues (7*)
What-to-do: Hunt Great Jagras, Pukei-Pukei, Tobi-Kadachi, Anjanath, Rathalos
Hunter Rank Requirements: 13 or higher
Map: Ancient Forest

5.2...Wildspire Bolero (7*)
What-to-do: Hunt Kulu-Ya-Ku, Barroth, Jyuratodus, Rathian, Diablos
Hunter Rank Requirements: 13 or higher
Map: Wildspire Waste

5.3...Coral Waltz (7*)
What-to-do: Hunt Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, Paolumu, Pink Rathian, Legiana
Hunter Rank Requirements: 13 or higher
Map: Coral Highlands

5.4...Effluvial Opera (7*)
What-to-do: Hunt Great Girros, Radobaan, Odogaron, Bazelguese
Hunter Rank Requirements: 13 or higher
Map: Rotten Vale

5.5...Rock N' Roll Recess (7*)
What-to-do: Hunt Dodogama, Uragaan, Azure Rathalos, Lavasioth
Hunter Rank Requirements: 13 or higher
Map: Elder's Recess

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[6.0] Hunter Rank Exp Events: High Hunter Rank Exp Reward

6.1...Snow and Cherry Blossoms (9*)
What-to-do: Hunt Tempered Legiana and Tempered Pink Rathian
Hunter Rank Requirements: 30 or higher
Map: Coral Highlands
Reward: about 65-75% experience bar, can't really tell but awesome hunter rank exp.

[7.0] Monster Track Events: Farm Tempered Monster Tracks

7.1...A Simple Task (9*)
What-to-do: Deliver 10 Gourmet Shroomcap (From Unique Mushroom Colonies)
Hunter Rank Requirements: 30 or higher
Map: Ancient Forest
Rewards: Map is filled with Tempered Threat level 1 & 2 tracks, use this opportunity to collect them and earn investigations. (Bazelguese, Rathalos, Tobi-Kadachi, Rathian, Pukei-Pukei, Anjanath)

7.2...Tracking the Delivery (9*)
What-to-do: Deliver 10 Blue Beryl
Hunter Rank Requirements: 50 or higher
Map: Elder's Recess
Rewards: Lots of Elder Dragon tracks. Look for them on places where you usually find a specific Elder Dragon. Example: lots of Nergigante tracks on the area where you find you always find him, Teostra tracks along the lava area and Kushala tracks on the high areas.

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[8.0] Normal Low Rank Events: Nothing Too Special, Easy access to Low Rank Materials

8.1...Up at the Crack of Dawn (1*)
What-to-do: Slay 12 Kestodon
Hunter Rank Requirements: none
Map: Arena

8.2...Chew the Fat (2*)
What-to-do: Hunt 2 Great Jagras
Hunter Rank Requirements: none
Map: Ancient Forest

8.3...Ya Ku With That? (4*)
What-to-do: Hunt Tzitzi-Ya-Ku and Kulu-Ya-Ku
Hunter Rank Requirements: 6 or higher
Map: Special Arena

8.4...Flesh Cleaved to the Bone (5*)
What-to-do: Hunt Odogaron and Radobaan
Hunter Rank Requirements: 8 or higher
Map: Special Arena

8.5...Kirin the Myth (5*)
What-to-do: Slay 2 Kirin
Hunter Rank Requirements: 8 or higher
Map: Coral Highlands

8.6...The Poison Posse (5*)
What-to-do: Hunt Pukei-Pukei, Rathian, Rathalos
Hunter Rank Requirements: 8 or higher
Map: Ancient Forest

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[9.0] Limited Bounties (Resource Center)

A daily reset for the rest of the Spring Blossom Event - I will try to update this section daily. These used to be the weekly limited bounties in the Resource Center but might run on a daily basis for now during this Spring Blossom Festival. Completing all 3 bounties will reward you with a Heavy Armor Sphere that grants tons of armor upgrade exp for maxing out your gear upgrades. Sadly no Gold Wyverian Prints for now.

April 13, 2018

9.1. Field Research: Event
What-to-do: Complete 2 event quests
Rewards:  100 Research Points, Armor Sphere x 1, Spring Blossom Ticket x 1, Blossom Fireworks x 4

9.2. Field Research: Challenge
What-to-do: Complete 1 low rank/high rank challenge quest
Rewards:  200 Research Points,  Armor Sphere+ x 1, Spring Blossom Ticket x 1, Blossom Fireworks x 5

9.3. Ecology Survey: Hunt Lavasioth
What-to-do: Hunt high rank Lavasioth
Rewards:  300 Research Points, Spring Blossom Ticket x 1, Blossom Fireworks x 6
9.4. General: Limited Bounty Rewards
What-to-do: Complete all Limited Bounties specified above
Rewards:  200 Research Points, Heavy Armor Sphere x 1, Spring Blossom Ticket x 1, Blossom Fireworks x 10

Fastest way to complete this is pick an event quest with a monster on the Ecology Survey bounty and then, do the challenge quests, if low rank the Vespoid Infestation might be the easiest, then if high rank try the 2 Odogarons and use Gun Lance to guard and attack.

[10.0] Challenge Quests

These are easy to miss out as they will not appear on your quest board. You can access these on the Gathering Hub NPC which grants you access to Arena and Challenge Quests.

10.1...Down the Dark,Muddy Path (3*)
Hunter Rank Req: 3 or higher
What-to-do: Slay Barroth
Rewards: Giant gold crown Barroth, SFV Tickets for crafting Ryu Armor Set. No Street Fighter V save file required.

10.2...Vespoid Infestation (2*)
Hunter Rank Req: 4 or higher
What-to-do: Slay 30 Vespoids
Rewards: Spring Insect Field Guide for crafting Queen Beetle Low Rank Armor. Love the look on this but ugh, hope it had a high rank version with good skills. The trick with this quest is get ballista ammo and shoot as many vespoids with it before manually killing the rest. There is an annoying Pukei-Pukei to keep you distracted.

10.3...Challenge Quest 2: Intermediate (7*)
Hunter Rank Req: 13 or higher
What-to-do: Slay 2 Odogaron
Available Weapons: Great Sword, Hammer, Lance, Gun Lance, Heavy Bowgun
Rewards: Standard Arena Rewards
When in doubt and not familiar with weapons available, try the Lance or Gunlance. Block their attacks and then counterattack, do this repeatedly. It may take a while but it gets the job done.
The following are available from March 22 - May 10:
10.4...Nergigante Slay Event 1 (8*)
10.5...Nergigante Slay Event 2  (8*)
10.6...Nergigante Slay Event 3 (8*)

Hunter Rank Req: 16 or higher
What-to-do: Slay Nergigante
Available Weapons: All 14 weapons distributed on each event
Rewards:  Standard Arena Rewards 

The following are available from April 12 - May 24:
10.7...Gale and Fans Slay Event 1 (7*)
Hunter Rank Req: 16 or higher
What-to-do: Slay Odogaron and Legiana
Available Weapons: Sword and Shield, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Insect Glaive, Bow
Rewards:  Standard Arena Rewards

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All data for these quests are taken from the official website found here

[11.0] Changelog:

April 6, 2018: Published, Corrections on Megaman Event and minor corrections such as HR requirements, minor updates, added some insights on quests or rewards
April 9, 2018: Added Table of Contents and Anchor links, minor updates
April 12, 2018: Added Gale & Slay Event 1 info, minor updates 
April 13, 2018: Minor Updates

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